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How to Register PRF2022

Registration Link Coming Soon!

Payment and Registration is due 15 March, 2022

To pay and register, please use the GSA Meeting Registration System via the link above.


NOTE 1: If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a GSA ID to use the GSA registration system.


NOTE 2: You will need to make your final transportation decision when you register (i.e. drive yourself vs. take provided transportation).


NOTE 3: If you have applied for financial aid, please do not register until you hear from us about the aid, at which time you will be given a ‘coupon code’ to use at the check-out at the end of the registration process.

Conference Costs 

Conference cost is $1200 with Double Occupancy lodging. You will be given an option to request a particular roommate during the registration process.

An additional charge of $400 for Single Occupancy ($1600 total)


NOTE: Due to limited availability, single occupancy will be assigned based on ‘first come first serve’ from your conference registration and payment (see below).

This policy is regardless of what you indicated on your initial application form.


Meals, lodging and transportation included with all registrations. See PRF2022 website for details.


Because of our contractual obligations, costs cannot be adjusted for participants who choose to stay off-site or drive themselves. 

More info coming in ~October, 2021

A key goal of PRF2022 is to maximise inclusion and diversity. We encourage participation from, and will provide some financial support for,  a range of international, gender, BIPOC, LGBTQIA, early-career stage and other underrepresented and disadvantaged groups. If you are a member of one of these groups, you will be asked to indicate this on your application if you would like to receive financial aide. We will identify - based on need - 15-20 recipients of scholarships to attend the conference.


To further foster a sense of belonging and a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, we will be implementing a mentoring scheme for any attendee desiring a mentor. An artist in residence will also attend the conference, and resultant artwork will provide a key communication tool with the public, and among the scientists. All participants will be expected to observe the GSA Code of Ethics and the Events Code of Conduct throughout the meeting.

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