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PRF2022 is a 5-day, NSF-sponsored, GSA Penrose Conference dedicated to bringing together - in person - scientists from Rock Physics, Surface Processes, Soil Science, Stone Heritage, Critical Zone Sciences, Planetary Sciences and Geoengineering discliplines in order to open new doors to a myriad of concepts, applications and validations of all geologic work related to rock fracture.

Specifically, we are leading PRF2022 under the assertion that all natural Earth and planetary surface systems - as well as multifarious constituents of the built environment - are  intimately tied to the progressive - subcritical - growth of fractures in rock.  We are excited to discuss and debate this idea and its ramifications to a wide range of research topics. 

To further foster a sense of belonging at the conference, we will implement a mentoring scheme in advance of the conference. The conference will also host an artist-in-residence.

Field, laboratory and modeling approaches are all encouraged.

We welcome a full range of abstract topics -

including but not limited to:


  • Climate/Environmental dependence of subcritical fracture

  • Climate/Environmental dependence of all fracture

  • Climate dependence of environmental stresses 

  • Crack-tip chemo-physical processes of subcritical fracture.

  • Fracture and stresses related to Topography/Tectonics/Gravity

  • Fracture and Stresses related to freezing, thermal conditions,  biological processes, salts, chemical Processes

  • Natural Hazards related to rock fracture

  • Geotechnical issues related to rock fracture

  • Building stone preservation related to rock fracture

  • Landforms, erosion, landscape evolution tied to rock fracture, including:  Rivers, ArchesErosion Rates
    Landslides/Rockfalls, Planetary Processes, Hillslopes

Travel & Logistics

The conference will be located at the Highland Lake Inn and Resort,  in Flatrock, NC, USA,

June 20-24th, 2022.


Meals, lodging, and transportation between Flatrock and CLT airport (June 19th pm & 24th pm) in Charlotte, NC will be included in the cost of registration; as well as a 1-day field trip to nearby 

Hickory Nut Gorge.

In order to encourage attendance by women, minorities, early career professionals and scientists stemming from any other underrepresented group, with NSF's support, we are able to cover 100% of registration costs to some of those attendees. A total of 15-20 such scholarships will be available. 

The conference is planned to be in person. If COVID demands a change, we will reschedule rather than go online. 

Because of our contractual obligations with the vendors conference costs cannot be adjusted for non-leader participants who choose to stay off-site or drive themselves. 

For Attendees

PRF2022 will host about 50-100 attendees from a full range of

career-levels and disciplines.

All are welcome!

To attend, either

submit a ~250 word abstract or

fill out a brief questionnaire (if you don't plan to present) using this

Participation Form 

DEADLINE January 10

You do not have to present a talk or poster to attend the conference, but we ask that you answer some brief questions about your interests so that we may ensure a broad range of interests are reflected. 

If your abstract/application is accepted, you will be notified no later than January 15, 2022, at which time you will register and pay through GSA's Penrose Website. 

If your abstract/application is accepted, payment, registration & extended abstract deadline will be

March 15, 2022.

More information for attendees will be posted here as it becomes available. 

For questions or to be put on our email list to receive updates, use the form below

or contact:

prf-conference at uncc.edu

or reach out to:

Missy Eppes

Matt Brain

Kerry Leith

Alex Rinehart

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